Why I Love Fall

It is already the second week of September (the greatest month of the year)!!!!!!!!!!

With the air cooling down, and the sun setting faster, fall is quickly approaching us. Now, I’m not here to write about how many PSLs I’ll be drinking soon (zero, because cider), but I do want to show appreciation for my favorite season AND things I enjoy doing in the fall!! So, here’s a couple of reasons why I, and seemingly everyone on Tumblr, love fall:

 You Can Wear All Your Clothes

Of COURSE I used this as an opportunity for a Friends reference!

I’m not talking about just sweaters and the amazing creation we know as JEANS (!!!); I mean ALL OF EVERY SINGLE THING YOU OWN. The polarities in the weather (this is a transition from summer to winter, after all) cause all sorts of style options: it could rain, be cold and windy, or even a sweltering 85 degrees! From tank tops to crewnecks, flip flops to boots, the opportunities to wear any/everything in your closet are endless!!

Eating Warm Foods

unknownColder weather calls for getting something to warm you up – for me, that is food! There are just some things that are odd to be eating in hotter weather, as much as I may REALLY, REALLY love them. Things like shepherd’s pie, soup or stew, and hot apple cider just feel so right during this time of the year! It makes me feel so comfortable and cozy… I can’t be the only one who thinks this!!!

Being Outside, All the Time

Autumn_Orchard_Stock_15_by_SimplyBackgrounds.jpgFall is a wonderful time to be out in the fresh air. From taking walks, to apple picking, to football games, it’s hard to find something you can’t do! Because the weather isn’t too hot or cold, there’s nothing stopping you from doing whatever you want (less opportunity to sweat = happiness). There’s also a couple of holidays in fall, so there’s always hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses, and pumpkin picking galore!! Go out and bask in the sunlight and cool air, watch the leaves change color and fall…or cuddle up inside with a cup of coffee and watch movies all day, because that’s pretty great too (and sometimes, you just want to do absolutely nothing).


What do you think about the upcoming season? Is it not your style? Comment below what you love about it, or something about another season that you love more!!