About Me

 Hi! My name is Ryann Stutz, and I’m so glad you found my blog!!!

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I am a student at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, but I grew up in good ole Kalamazoo. As a spunky, sassy middle child, there is always some sort of opinion or input I try to make in conversations: as a (hopeful) journalist, I feel my thoughts are best explained on paper!! Although this is not technically paper, blogs are my favorite kind of writing platform, and there’s always so much I want to talk about!

A little insight on me: I am obsessed with learning and trying different things, whether that be new skills, musical instruments, language or any other sort of knowledge. I am a collegiate volleyball player at Hope, and also played basketball and soccer before college- I love sports! Traveling to new places (near and far), making Spotify playlists, and reading up on the latest fashion in Vogue are a couple other things I enjoy. My family, friends, and my two crazy-but-lovable dogs are so outrageously important to me, and I thank God for giving me all of it!!

The main categories I plan on tackling with this blog are all things that are important to me, such as fashion, college, life as a Christian, and art. Most of the time, though, I’ll write about anything I can get my hands on!! I want to create a blog that is lighthearted and meaningful to people, but most importantly a place for me to just write. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy!




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