My Vacation In Pictures: Frankfort, MI

Last week, I went camping up in Frankfort, Michigan with my family and a large group of family friends. It’s a time for relaxing on the beach, paddle boarding on the lake, campfires and being with some of the best people I know. Not only have I decided to share with you some pictures from the trip, but I also am going to start this as a thread topic that I’ll come back to here and there when I take trips. So, here are eight pictures from my vacation:



Setting off fireworks at Elberta Beach


Catching a candid of my sister an hour before sunset


A campfire on the beach with the whole crew


Windy days, big waves at Frankfort Beach


Tried getting a nice “golden hour” selfie…then someone’s shadow landed on us


Stars above us, beach below 


I want to live the “lake life” forever


Face to face with my one true love, ice cream

This post is short and sweet, but that’s exactly how the camping trip was too. I highly recommend taking some time up in northern Michigan this summer- brighter stars, clearer lakes, and fresher air. Pair it with some ice cream from Moomer’s (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and you’re good to go!




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