Are Giant Cucumbers Real? …And Other Random Thoughts of the Week

Every now and then, thoughts from the back of my mind pop up as I go about my day-  and most of them are completely irrelevant. I decided that my mind is too odd to not be given some sort of attention for this, so for the past week I’ve been trying to catalog every random thought that my brain produces. Surprisingly, this was actually kind of hard- not only do you have millions of thoughts throughout the day, there are times when it’s not so much as a sentence that you say to yourself in your head, but rather a feeling or automatic (or so it seems) action/reaction. Nevertheless, I persisted because I thought my little project would be interesting enough for a post about it…so here are some of my favorites of the week:


If a bear attacked me right now, would I make myself look big, run, or play dead?

This is a very valid question that I ponder too often for someone not anywhere near an environment that has bears. I have seen all three options in movies and they have all worked at least once.

*thinks about funny bear video on Twitter* *laughs*

I cry from laughing at this if I watch it too many times in a row. I CAN’T DEAL!!!


I know there’s no one in my house trying to murder me but I’m going to turn off all these lights and RUN to my room.

Every night since I’ve had a room in the basement. I will say, I’ve progressed from running to a fast walk while looking around every corner frantically.

Should I cut my hair? All the models are cutting their hair short again.

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The answer is yes.




I was kind of disappointed when I found that yes we had hummus, but it was regular. We didn’t have Sabra Roasted Red Pepper??? I’m sorry???


Are there bugs crawling on me or what like what is happening?!

That random shiver you get when really it’s the grass or a weird blanket OR YOUR INSANITY.


I don’t think I’d want to be friends with someone who likes grated parmesan over shredded.

I stand by this. How else am I able to taste the full essence of its flavor?? This also prompted me to make a quiz for my friends to take to make sure they were really my friends (they passed, thank God).

I mean, just look at it! It’s marvelous.

Did Seinfeld make up “yadda yadda”?

Also, was I supposed to put the quotation mark outside or inside the question mark on that one? I feel like I should know that.

Why don’t we have women’s football?

After watching a couple of girls throw around a football when they clearly did not know how to. Heck, I barely know how to!!!

How many kids am I going to have?

Scaring away all possible chances of having a future significant other at the ripe age of 19. I feel like I’m going to have three boys because God knows I couldn’t handle a daughter who was a mini-me. Sorry, Mom!

Is Bruno Mars gay?

My friend told me a while back and she seemed pretty serious.71Gr9aCHQfL._SL1204_

I’ll let you mull over that one yourself. I still don’t know.



Am I the only one who remembers Will Smith was a rapper? Can he come back??

UnknownHe was the first rapper I ever listened to. I can still rap the beginning of “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.” Put that on my resume.




“What City Should I Travel To Based On My Food Preferences”? Buzzfeed knows what’s up.

But also if I don’t get Italy I’m going to be very unhappy. (SPOILER: I did and now I am satisfied. PASTA FOR LIFE!)

“Screen falling off the door, door falling of the hinges……….OH, ANNA SUUUUUUUUUUUUN”

Because I don’t know that beginning part of the lyrics to “Anna Sun” by Walk The Moon but it will play in my head for hours on end.

Do dogs ever get bored? They don’t have jobs or school, or ambitions or itineraries…

This was while having a stare down with my dogs that lasted a long time.

How accurate is “Criminal Minds”?

Very accurate, as I’ve discovered. They have a former FBI agent employed to make sure of this. Sometimes dramatized too much, but also very accurate.

How much coding does it take for just *one* typed letter to pop up on the screen?

God bless the coders and computer tech-savvy people of the world because I can’t wrap my mind around it.


*smoothes eyebrows*

They’re very important.

More trees should be planted in the grassy medians on the highways. Or build gardens on rooftops.

I ALSO care about the Earth!


Hope you’ve made it through the list and can relate to how absolutely weird and random our brains are. Comment below some funny thoughts you’ve had lately!