My Favorite Ice Cream Places (And Flavors!) In Michigan

As I’ve moved into my dorm, and summer has come to an end, I want to dedicate this post to the only thing that matters in life: ice cream (you know it’s true)! Coming from a big, ice-cream-loving family, I’d say I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to my favorite dessert!! Each summer comes with an adventure to search for another ice cream store, and I decided I would share some of my favorites…

  • Plainwell Ice Cream (Plainwell) : This one is my go-to. It’s a short drive from my house, so I’ve been there at least once a week this summer… or four times a week (yes, it happened, and I’m only a little ashamed). With ice cream made in the store, it’s worth feeling guilty!! Fav flavor: Mud Pie  (coffee with fudge swirls and Oreo)

  • Station 66 (Battle Creek) : Station 66 is a new one for me, but I really dig it. They’ve got Hudsonville ice cream AND some homemade flavors & waffle cones!! Fav flavor: Scout’s Honor (mint ice cream with chocolate and Thin Mint cookies)

  • The Scoop (Frankfort) : My family goes to Frankfort every summer for a couple of days, and we can’t leave without going to The Scoop more than once! It’s Moomers ice cream *BLESS*, and they rotate the flavors every day so there’s always something new to try. Note: you can’t go wrong trying a new flavor here. Ever. There’s also homemade (and chocolate dipped!) cones!! Fav flavor: Peanut Butter Oreo

  • Sherman’s Ice Cream (South Haven) : After a long day at the beach, it feels amazing to unwind with a little ice cream therapy.. And Sherman’s does just that. And then some. No doubt, it is hands-down some of the largest scoops of ice cream I have ever witnessed!!! Order the single if you’re really in the mood, and order a double if you’re actually insane (or mix up the sizes, like me). Fav flavor: Chocomania (with a water bottle in tow, because chocolate)

  • House of Flavors (Ludington) : This one is pretty well-known across the board, especially now since they broke the record for the longest/largest (?) sundae! If you can’t tell by the name, they have a pretty solid variety of flavors. The line is normally going out the door- it’s that popular. ‘Nuff said. Fav flavor: Michigan Pot Hole (chocolate with fudge cookie swirl and chocolate fudge cups)

Hope this helped you find some new ice cream hotspots! OR SHOULD I SAY COLD?

Forget the horrible joke I just tried making, and comment below if you have any suggestions for me to try out!!



Let’s Get Started !!

As an aspiring writer, I have always wanted to have my own blog.

Up until now, I didn’t really have anything “cool” going on in my life, like you see in those boho-chic “travel on a budget” blogs that you always hate-scroll through on Pinterest, or from that link your sorta-kinda friend shared on Facebook. I never truly knew what I could post that people might actually want to read! But then I remembered the whole point of why I wanted to blog: to express my thoughts in a way I know how, which is a beautiful tactic we call writing!! Here goes nothing!

So, a little introduction about myself…

I am a freshman at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, which is basically one of the best places ever in Michigan to live!! Campus is right next to the center of downtown, and eight minutes away from Lake Michigan *swoon*. I am a Communications major, and am playing on our amazing volleyball team here! I’m so stoked to see where my first year at college takes me… my move-in date is in two days!!!! Until then, I’ll be over here having a mini panic-attack over the thought of having to match all my socks, so I can pack them all up (I’m dying inside, but I’m fine).

I like things…

I enjoy any sort of music with amazing vibes; one day I’ll be in a Drake/Beyonce mood, the next all I’m listening to is LANY/The Lumineers/Troye Sivan. I can never say I have a favorite anything, really, because I always end up finding more things that I like just as much. Most of the things I like are because they have “good vibes,” which sounds very wannabe-hippie of me but it’s true!! Vibes are everything, am I right ladies??

I also have a really huge appreciation for good humor, and have major inspiration crushes on people like Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Seth Meyers and Amy Schumer, among other amazing-funny comedians/witty human beings. A lot of what I like is sarcasm, which will show through my writing every now and then in its awkward forms (this is your warning: get out while you can).

Other miscellaneous things: I’m an avid coffee drinker, I love being alone as much as I love being social, I hate that I love Instagram, and I’m a complete sucker for any sort of romantic comedy movie from literally any decade. Audrey Hepburn? Hugh Grant? Molly Ringwald? Gimme all of it.

This page won’t really have a theme or a sole purpose.

It will, though, be a platform for my thoughts on literally any topic, things I like, and stories of me blundering along through the college life (Anyone else feel like “blundering” should be a word only used in Winnie the Pooh? Just me? ).

Hopefully this ends up being a blog you’ll enjoy reading… AKA Mom I really need the page views!! Thanks!!